Friday, March 8, 2013

Pet Vitamins and Supplements

Pets Need Supplements Too

Every day before many people leave for work or go to bed they consume vitamins, minerals, and other supplements with the hope that the supplements will sustain their health.  Supplements are a great way to promote a healthy body in humans, but they can be just as beneficial for animals and pets.  If you're looking to support your pet's health a vitamin supplement could be a great way to help.  However, just like when buying supplements for yourself, it is important to read the labels and buy supplements are safe and effective.

Up to one third of the dogs and cats in the United States take supplements every day, and this number appears to be growing.  The most commonly used supplements for animals are joint support supplements, omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidant supplements.  These supplements exert benefits throughout the body, and when providing an animal with supplements it is essential to know what they eat on a daily basis.  A complete diet matched with a multivitamin may lead to dangerous levels of certain minerals and nutrients.  Too much calcium could harm the bones and skeleton, while high iron levels could poison the body.

Finding a brand of pet supplements that is safe and effective is incredibly important.  Many of the supplements that are sold nationwide contain chemicals that can potentially harm and damage the body's tissues.  These chemicals can disrupt hormone production and function, and they also build up within the body.  One study conducted by found that as many as 60 percent of pet supplements don't have the ingredients that they claim.  A separate study by The National Animal Supplement Council found that 25 percent of pet supplements also didn't provide the promised ingredients.  Considering that pet supplements make well over one billion dollars annually this is disturbing news.

Everybody wants to make sure that when they provide their animals with supplements the animal is actually getting what the bottle claims.  Some safe, effective, and trustworthy brands that you can give your pets with confidence are:

  • Green Dog Naturals is a line of canine supplements made by Rainbow Light, which has been making pet supplements for over 25 years.  Green Dog Naturals doesn't use any chemicals, and they are 100 percent natural.  
  • Nordic Naturals is a line of safe and pure fish oils for pets.  Fish oils provide your animal with omega 3 fatty acids, and this can support healthy skin and a smooth and appealing coat.  Nordic Naturals takes every step that they can to make sure that they provide the freshest fish oil possible.  They use molecular distillation, and this helps to remove any heavy metals and unwanted materials that can naturally gather in fish oil.  Their process of molecular distillation also takes place in a vacuum, and this is to limit the heat that the fish oil is exposed to.  They also try to limit the oxidation of the fish oil, and they also work to keep the fish oils at the proper acidity. 
  • DaVinci Labs has been making high quality supplements for humans and animals since 1973.  Their supplements are safe, and all the ingredients found in their products are clearly written on the label.  
  • Kala Health produces supplements for humans and animals that meet cGMP standards.  These supplements work to safely provide your animal with a nutritional base that may help to promote their health for years to come.  

Pet supplements can be a great way to maintain the health of your animal, however many pet supplements aren't what they claim.  Because of this it is important to find a brand of pet supplements that you can trust.  Green Dog Naturals, Nordic Naturals, DaVinci Labs, and Kala Health make animal supplements that are safe and may provide amazing benefits for your pets.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Green Dog Naturals Complete Calm Review

Complete Calm
Anxiety and hyperactivity frequently occur in dogs, and these traits can be frustrating for pet owners.  Hyperactive dogs can become so excited to meet new people that they jump on the unexpected new friend, and anxiety-ridden dogs can hide or become sick when they're put in stressful situations.  Green Dog Naturals Complete Calm is a great way to help dogs with hyperactivity and anxiety.  Complete Calm contains natural ingredients that can help to level out a dog's mood, and - more importantly - it can help to relieve frustrated pet owners. 

Green Dog Naturals Complete Calm gets its powers from natural ingredients, and some of these include:
  • Chamomile can help to calm a hyperactive dog, and it may also help with anxiety.  It may mildly sedate the animal, and it may also help to relieve inflammation within the intestines.  Anxiety can sometimes lead to gastrointestinal disorders, but chamomile may help with bloating, gas, and gastrointestinal pain.
  • Valerian Root is an herb that may help dogs with nervous conditions.  It may help to relieve hyperactivity and anxiety.  Valerian root can also help with restlessness, and it may help to ease dogs into sleep.  Valerian root is also commonly given to epileptic dogs, and it may help to reduce the occurrence of seizures. 
  • Passion Flower is very similar to valerian root, and it is often given to dogs who are frequently frightened.  It may help to relieve anxiety during travel and other anxiety-inducing situations. 
  • Ginger can also help to calm dogs.  It has an added benefit of also helping with nausea, so it can be great for dogs that vomit or become sick when they're nervous. 
Green Dog Naturals Complete Calm is also easy to give dogs for dog anxiety and tension.  It comes in a chicken flavor that dogs love, and it is also easily chewed and consumed.  The dosage of complete calm depends on the animal's weight, but dogs can consume up to two dosages a day.

Dogs frequently suffer from pet anxiety and hyperactivity.  This can be frustrating for pet owners, and it can be hard to find a solution to this problem.  Green Dog Naturals Complete Calm utilizes natural ingredients that can help calm anxiety and hyperactivity in your dog, and it can help to normalize the animal's temperament. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Green Dog Naturals Active Omega Review

We all know the wonderful benefits that omega fatty acids can have on people, but did you know that they can have similar affects on your dog?  Yes, it's true, omega fatty acids can help to support the full function of your dog's heart and brain.  Green Dog Naturals makes Active Omega, which is one of the best omega supplements for dogs.  It comes in a chicken flavored soft chew that dogs love, so you won't have any trouble getting your dog to take their supplements.

Active Omega contains the following:

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids
  • Omega-9 Fatty Acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D

Omega-3 fatty acids supplements for dogs are great for their nervous system.  They can help to maintain a healthy psyche, and they are essential to the proper development of the nervous system in mammals.  Omega-3 fatty acids can help pets who have difficulty learning new rules or games, and it can also help to improve or prevent behavioral problems.  They can also help your pet's cardiovascular system by improving the flow of blood, and this will help to bring oxygen throughout your pet's entire body.  Omega-3 fatty acids can also help to maintain kidney function and fight inflammation.

Pet owners are always trying to improve the appearance of their animal, and one of the best benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is how it will make your pet look.  After a couple of months you will notice how your pet's coat will become healthier and it will appear more radiant.  These fatty acids can also help to support healthy skin, and they are often used to help with the treatment of numerous skin diseases and conditions.
Omega-9 fatty acids can also have great benefits for your animal.  Omega-9s can help to improve your animal's cognitive function, and they can also help to maintain cardiovascular health.  Omega-9 fatty acids are also rich in antioxidants, and they can help to fight free radicals within your dog.

Active Omega also contains Vitamin A and D, which can help to support healthy vision, strong bones, cell differentiation, and a strong immune system.

Omega fatty acids can offer great health support for your dog.  Omega 3s 6s and 9s can help to support the proper nervous and cardiovascular function.  They are also a great way to maintain your animal's coat.  They work to return luster to a dull coat, and they can also help with numerous skin diseases and conditions.  Green Dog Naturals Active Omega is a great omega fatty acid supplement that is supported by Vitamin A and D.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

DaVinci Labs Joint Support Small Dogs and Cats

Your pet's personality largely depends on their ability to move.  When you come home from work your dog shows its happiness by bouncing around the living room and violently wagging its tail.  Your cat shows affection by brushing past your thigh.  Maintaining your cat or dog's ability to move is essential to their personality.  One of the best ways to help maintain movement in dogs and cats is DaVinci Labs Joint Support for Small Dogs & Cats.

DaVinci Labs Joint Support for pets is also natural and chemical free, and this helps to reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions. As animals age their joints start to break down.  The joint is made up of cartilage and fluids that surround the two adjoining bones.  These fluids and cartilage help to pad the two bones, and it stops them from completely touching.  As your animal ages the fluids and cartilage slowly diminish, and this eventually leads to painful friction between the bones.

DaVinci Labs Joint Support contains some of the most beneficial substances for joints, like Glucosamine HCl, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and chondroitin sulfate.
  • Glucosamine HCl helps to create cartilage in the body.  Much of this cartilage goes to the joints where it can help to pad the bones.  Glucosamine won't cure your dog or cat's joint pain, but it can go a long way in offering relief. 
  • MSM is also used to help produce cartilage. MSM can also help to reduce inflammation, so it can relieve joint pain and inflammation.  MSM can help to eliminate toxins that build up in the joints and cause pain.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate absorbs water in cartilage, and this helps to give it elasticity.  This makes the cartilage in the joints more resilient and less likely to tear.  Chondroitin sulfates also help to grow cartilage, but as the body ages the level of chondroitin sulfates diminish.  This makes it important to supplement your dog or cat's diet with chondroitin sulfates.
DaVinci Labs Joint Support for Small Dogs & Cats is the best way to maintain the joint health of your dog or cat.  Your pet can't talk to you, and this makes physical communication incredibly important.  Maintaining joint health gives your pet the ability to physically communicate with you, and as the joints break down your dog or cat might not be able to show their enthusiasm and happiness.  Reduce the painful deterioration of joints in your pet with DaVinci Labs Joint Support for Small Dogs & Cats.   

Friday, November 26, 2010

Importance of Pet Vitamins

A lot people don’t just treat their pets as best friends. More often than not, pet owners take care of their pets just like family members or kids of their own. And what better way to take care of your pets than fostering them with great attention and love. Give them the right nourishment they need to keep them healthy day after day. If people have their own nutritional requirements, so are pets.  Vitamins are very vital when it comes to ensuring that they are in good shape. Every pet owner must understand the crucial role that pet vitamins play to make their dogs, cats, and other pets hale and hearty.

Anyone who has a pet or pets at home would want to know what vitamins do. Do vitamins function in the same manner as they do to people? The answer is yes. Indeed, if a person lacks proper nutrition and doesn’t have enough supply of vitamins in his or her body then this will eventually result in several diseases or disorders. The human body will no longer function properly unless it gets proper nourishment. This holds true to animals. Poor diet and vitamin deficiency lead to serious illness and other health problems.  Knowing this now should make all pet owners a little more watchful in terms of providing their pets with a healthy diet and right nutrition.

Vitamins are organic compounds that serve as nutrients and are needed by both humans and animal in small quantities. Pets don’t easily obtain vitamins from what they eat unless their owners give them foods that are enriched with essential vitamins.  But caution should be observed, too, when giving them vitamins because an excess supply of these nutrients is also risky and can prove dangerous to their overall health condition.  So their health all depends on their owners.

Now, let’s learn more about some of the most essential vitamins that our pets need and how each of these vitamins, especially those that are fat soluble, help them stay in good shape.

Vitamin A
Dogs can produce by Vitamin A by converting beta-carotene that is commonly found in plants. Cats, on the other hand, cannot and they need to get pre-formed Vitamin A from the food they eat. Vitamin A aids in attaining normal eyesight and bone and tooth development. It also plays a vital function in reproduction and keeping the epithelial layers of multiple organ systems healthy.  Lack of Vitamin A, however, leads to eye problems, poor hair coat, weak bones, and inability to reproduce.

Vitamin D
This vitamin helps pets absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also plays a crucial role in normalizing the mineralization of bones. Proper supply of Vitamin D also boosts pets’ immunity. Rickets among puppies and kittens often result from Vitamin D deficiency. Adult pets can suffer from osteomalacia due to lack of this vitamin.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant and guards our pets from damage caused by free radicals.

Vitamin K
Normal blood flow is attained by having the right supply of Vitamin K. It also plays an important role in allowing blood to clot in a normal way. Lack of this vitamin results in abnormal bleeding.